With eight brick and mortar locations as well as a bustling online store, Turnabout founder Joy Mauro has built one of Canada’s largest and most successful resale empires.

Turnabout’s vision is curated around luxury and contemporary brands. Combined with beautiful boutique environments, a magnetic social media presence and a mission to make high style accessible for all, Turnabout’s 41 years of success are thanks to a focus on constant innovation and community.

Relying on a holistic, family approach, Joy has employed hundreds of staff since first hanging up a shingle along Vancouver’s Granville Street (at just 23 years old!) in 1978. Now a mother to three grown boys, Joy and her husband Mario are deeply committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment for their staff. Many have worked within the Turnabout family for decades, and others have been inspired to turn their own dreams into reality.

With a global spotlight on the environmental impact of fast fashion and the urgent need to reduce landfill waste, Turnabout’s concept provides people with an outlet to make cash out of regular closet cleanses. For some it’s a circular economy whereby they shop in store with their account proceeds. For others it’s the challenge of de-cluttering combined with the thrill of receiving a cheque. And for others it helps address needs like paying bills and funding necessary family purchases.

An oft-recognized role model for giving back, Joy has partnered with several social wellness charities over the years including Dress for Success (vancouver.dressforsuccess.org), Surrey’s Sources (sourcesfoundation.ca) and Cause We Care Foundation (causewecare.org). True to the spirit of supporting front line organizations and furthering the company’s core values, Joy will open open-er.community on East Vancouver’s Fraser Street in the early spring of 2020. This concept retail shop will operate on a cost recovery model, with all profits donated to charity. open-er.community will provide an option for the resale of wonderful items that don’t necessarily fit within the company’s luxury brand mandate.  Turnabout is Canada’s first luxury clothing re-saler to add an entirely not-for-profit location to its business model.

Joy is incredibly proud to serve multiple generations of clients who come to sell, shop, have a cappuccino and enjoy lively conversation. From South Surrey to Oak Bay Avenue, every Turnabout shopping experience is welcoming, inclusive and diverse – and always brimming with covetable finds. So whether you’re in Vancouver or Victoria - and whether you’re in search of a trapeze bag by Céline or a Talula Babaton silk jumpsuit… please stop by a Turnabout near you. Joy and her Style Team would love to say hello - and thank you for coming in.

The creation of Turnabout began many decades ago and is a story of youthful naivety combined with a love of shopping, and the strong desire to change the status quo. As a young woman of 23 years old, I was no different from the 20-something’s of today. I was out in the world trying to figure out life and learning how to make it on my own. I had a great job as a receptionist and a circle of girlfriends who couldn’t wait for the weekend. We loved to get dressed up and go out and let off some steam. When looking through the newspaper one day, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a ‘consignment shop’ in West Vancouver, and immediately my mind went crazy. The idea of buying and then selling my clothing was exciting! It was with great determination that I decided that I was going to open my own consignment store with the concept that resale should be as fresh and upscale as the best retail shops in town. South Granville was our first destination.

From the beginning, the fun concept of ‘turning about’ your wardrobe was an instant success. Our fresh approach and enthusiasm drew customers and captured media attention from national and local television, radio, and print. Turnabout fast became the leader in quality resale with amazing clients consigning beautiful clothing and accessories, and the best in high-end labels. New retail shops began consigning ends of season stock, and today we have businesses that ship from all over Canada their clearance stock.

I have enjoyed the challenges and joys of building a personal life with a husband, three wonderful sons and furry kids that round our a vibrant home life and Turnabout is a family with 70 team members in six spacious stores throughout the Lower Mainland, I am still fascinated with the diversity, talent, and accomplishments of our consignors. It is a privilege to serve our clients, and I take great pride in the honest service we provide. It is crucial for Turnabout customers to trust our expertise, authenticity, pricing, and for consignors to have confidence in our accounting. Turnabout is thriving and growing because we do the job right.

Here’s to following your dreams, no matter where it may take you!

Joy Lapka Mauro, Founder & Owner


David Raposo

MERCHANDISING & DISPLAYS    victoria@open-er.com


You can find me most often at Turnabout in Victoria, but I often make cameos at our Vancouver locations where I get to indulge in my passion for creative merchandising.

Deryn Heavers

STORE MANAGER - WEST 4TH  deryn@open-er.com


I am so passionate about the things we have found and LOVE- I want to share them with you at prices you can afford!

Lili Sablay



As the go-to resource in Vancouver’s Luxury Resale scene. I bring a positive attitude with a trademark laugh to my work every day, inspiring others with the joy of luxury resale.

Jarin Hutchison

STORE MANAGER - MAIN STREET  jarin@open-er.com


I have always had a passion for fashion, starting as a young girl and continuing today. Born and raised in Vancouver, I know the city and enjoy all it has to offer!

Julie St Andrassy

GENERAL MANAGER  julie@open-er.com


Turnabout is by far the most interesting and rewarding business I have been involved with. Customers are wonderful, and working with and mentoring such a caring successful talented team is rewarding. It is a pleasure to work along side of Joy Mauro and be part of a growing local Vancouver company.


STORE MANAGER - WEST BROADWAY    mark@open-er.com


I have had a career spanning 30 years in the fashion and home furnishing industry enjoying the opportunity to provide clients with luxury experiences.

Ashley Greef



Since I was a child, fashion has been my obsession. My career path has been the perfect compliment to my position as Resale Manager; it has allowed me to bring an elevated experience to our lovely Turnabout clients everyday.

Olivera Nikitovic

STORE MANAGER - WEST BROADWAY  olivera@open-er.com


The last 5 years I have had the pleasure of working for Turnabout as a store manager, buyer and assistant general manager. I’ve enjoyed working in a fast paced environment and always being positive & happy to assist my customers and consignors.

Sherie Isbister

BUSINESS MANAGER  accounting@open-er.com


I have been with Turnabout for 18 years and am responsible for the accounting and financial functions of the company. I have a degree in Accounting from BCIT and a Diploma in Recreation from BCIT. I love the outdoors, travel, my family and our family dog Budweiser.

Aaron Mauro



I love the challenge of making Turnabout an internationally known destination.

Erin Mathews



I've loved connecting with Turnabout’s incredible community both online & in-store while working along side a team of creative individuals with a shared passion for sustainable retail.