Murphy BA, Hansen AR, Howell JM, et al. Clinical policy: critical issues in the initial evaluation and management of patients presenting to the emergency department in early pregnancy. Ann Emerg Med. Jan 2003;41(1):123-133. (LLSA 2007)

Level A recommendations. Generally accepted principles for patient management that reflect a high degree of clinical certainty (ie, based on “strength of evidence Class I” or overwhelming evidence from “strength of evidence Class II” studies that directly address all the issues.)
Level B recommendations. Recommendations for patient management that may identify a particular strategy or range of management strategies that reflect moderate clinical certainty (ie, based on “strength of evidence Class II” studies that directly address the issue, decision analysis that directly addresses the issue, or strong consensus of “strength of evidence Class III” studies).
Level C recommendations. Other strategies for patient management based on preliminary, inconclusive, or conflicting evidence, or, in the absence of any published literature, based on panel consensus.

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