A: Yes

"Before 1991, Mobitz type I AVB was considered to be a benign condition that did not require permanent pacing unless patients developed symptomatic bradycardia."

"However, recent data suggest that patients with pacemakers had a higher 5-year survival rate than those without (76% vs. 70%)."

"Moreover, over a third of patients with Mobitz type I AVB developed higher block, with 90% degenerating to complete heart block."

"Even in patients who were initially asymptomatic, more than 66% suffered complications of deteriorating conduction, symptomatic bradycardia, or premature death within 5 years."

"Therefore, unless their block is chronic and stable, all patients with Mobitz type I AVB should be monitored on telemetry."

Esther H. Chen, MD and Judd E. Hollander, MD. WHEN DO PATIENTS NEED ADMISSION TO A TELEMETRY BED? The Journal of Emergency Medicine, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 5360, 2007. (LLSA 2009)

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